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Custodial Technician


As a Custodian you would have a vital role in the success of our clients’ property and the maintenance staff. You would be responsible for maintaining different areas and providing an excellent first impression of the interior and exterior to support our vision of maintaining the appearance and preservation of our clients’ properties.


To perform all janitorial and light maintenance duties in a professional manner and on a timely basis. While the following information should be considered a comprehensive description of this position, it should also be noted that some responsibilities and duties may not be specifically addressed. CDL Group emphasizes a team approach and fully expects every person to perform any reasonable task or request that is consistent with fulfilling company objectives.



Cleans facility rooms and furnishings. Follows established policies and procedures to maintain high standards of cleanliness throughout the facility. 



Sweeps, mops, scrubs and waxes the floors, stairs and other surfaces inside the facility. 


Ensures that all entrances are clean and maintained appropriately for the public 


Vacuums carpet and cleans furniture in offices, rooms and public areas. 


Dusts and polishes furniture and cleans and polishes glass surfaces. 


Collects and disposes of trash and debris inside the facility. 


Cleans restrooms which include scrubbing toilets and sinks, cleaning handicap bar, sweeping, mopping, cleaning grout and replenishing supplies. 


Maintains all facial tissue dispensers and water dispensers; replenishes used supplies on an ongoing basis. 


Maintains adequate levels of supplies and cleaning solutions; orders supplies or advise management of need to re-order 


Other duties as assigned. 



Ability to maintain acceptable attendance and punctuality rate. Good grooming and hygiene is required and behavior positively reflecting CDL Group to customers. Knowledge, skill, and ability to use proper cleaning instruments, techniques and practices. Satisfactory completion of a criminal background check. Ability to follow multi-level oral instructions, read, count, follow procedures, and work independently. Ability to physically perform a range of moderate to arduous custodial duties. Ability to work effectively and cooperatively as a member of the custodial service team.



Requirements & Qualifications 

At least 3 CXC Passes


No previous experience required. 

Able to operate simple cleaning machines 

Knowledge of general cleaning methods and procedures 


Ability to identify cleaning compounds and solutions

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