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       CorporateDynamics Limited Group of Companies (LIFTS)

Leading in Future Technology and Services


Corporate Dynamics Limited was established on the 23rd July 2004 to provide technical, financial and administrative direction to its subsidiaries.

They are:

  • Caribbean Facilities Corporation Limited (CFC)

  • Facilities Management Systems limited (FMS)

  • Caribbean Recreational Initiatives limited (CRIL)

  • Compliance Systems Limited (CSL)

  • Innovative Construction Solutions Limited (ICS)

  • L.C.R Concepts Solutions Limited (LCR)

  • DocStore(DS)

CFC was the first entity to have started in 1995; the other companies were subsequently established at varying times within a period of twenty (20) years. To date, the group has three offices, its head Office in Chaguanas, one in Couva with a large warehouse space of 42000 sq ft.and an office in St. James.

CDL eventually was established to be the parent company of the group with a mission

“to harmonize the synergies within the group to produce a dynamic, forward looking organization achieving dominance in all markets in which it operate”.

The cornerstone of CDL's success is good corporate governance. We value our reputation and endeavour to always be known for our innovative products and services, reliability, responsiveness and exemplary corporate citizenship. In the current age of rapid change, we will continue to be a group that evolves, while in the relentless pursuit of ingenuity and growth.

We aim to ensure that each member company carries out its social and economic responsibilities to all stakeholders and society. Our aim is to offer the most competitive, professional and efficient products and services consistent with the needs and expectations of all our customers.

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