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Pigeons -Non-Lethal vs Culling

Oh gosh! I could kill all of dem.”

We all know this feeling when we’re dealing with pests. Our initial reaction is to find a way to kill the offending pest but, unfortunately, that method is not always long term and we have to deal with those pests returning. In this blog we discuss both the lethal methods and non-lethal methods of controlling those pesky pigeons. 

Culling refers to the lethal control of wild animal populations. This can be done by hunting, poisoning or trapping. In some instances, eggs are damaged during nesting season to prevent excessive population growth by coating with oils or chemicals, puncturing shells so they will not hatch and replacing with dummy eggs.

Where culling might seem like the best option, it can result in a larger population. During a cull, older adults are normally removed, which means there is more food available for the flock so breeding rates increase and flock size can actually increase. This ends up in culling being a more short-term solution rather than a long-term solution for population management. An even larger argument against culling is the inhumane nature of such methods as poisoning. Poisoning results in a slow and painful death and has the added negative of posing a risk to other wildlife, which feed on pigeons. 

Non-lethal methods of population control utilise an understanding of the feeding and nesting habits of the pigeons. Pigeons thrive where food is easily available, by either reducing the food available or ensuring that you do not feed the pigeons this reduces their flock size. Constant and adequate food supplies are essential for pigeons to breed so when adults are stressed by inadequate food supply they do not breed. Pigeons nest on covered ledges so by adding physical deterrents and blocking access to roof spaces and buildings where necessary deter and prevent birds from nesting. Physical deterrents include spikes that can be placed on ledges, balloon-kites, properly fitted humane netting and optical gel deterring birds from roosting and nesting. 

Non-lethal methods are humane and ensure more long-term population management, so you will no longer have to worry about those pesky pigeons around your property. 

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